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5 Ways to Get More Storage Space in Your Kitchen

A cluttered and disorganized kitchen is never a pleasant sight. In a small kitchen, limited counter space and storage area can result in a messy, scattered look and weather it is to impress those guests or for your own self-satisfaction, your kitchen will never be truly functional unless you take the time to assess and calculate how you are storing …

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What to Clean Bathroom Tiles With

Bathrooms collect a lot of dirt and bodily fluids that can become disgusting over time. A broad range of cleaning chemicals helps remove the filth. Commercial products pack a corrosive punch, but homeowners often prefer more environmentally friendly cleaners like citric acid and washing soda. More challenging bathroom filth like soap scum can require stronger cleaning solutions. Commercial Cleaning Commercial …

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Spring Cleaning Clutter-Free Solutions for Under $60

Are you tired of all that clutter build up on your coffee table? Your kitchen table? Or even your kitchen counter tops? Do you come home finding yourself overwhelmed of all that junk mail, and magazines, and paper clutter that you don’t even know where to begin? Here are some simple solutions to organizing your home. Step 1: Buy a …

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