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SeaPak Popcorn Shrimp is Perfect for Snacking or Partying

Shrimp tastes good either by itself or as part of a salad or sandwich. I recently went looking around at my grocer’s frozen section for some frozen shrimp because I didn’t have the time to properly prepare fresh shrimp. I had once tried some frozen shrimp but the shrimp was chewy – and it really didn’t taste very good. This …

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Maxfield’s All American Assorted Chocolates: Product Review

I received this product as a Christmas gift and loved it. Maxfield’s All American Assorted Chocolates was an item that I had seen in stores before but, had never tried. Here is my opinion on this candy. Maxfield’s All American Assorted Chocolates are made from premium ingredients. This company uses dairy fresh milk, vanilla, creamy butter and sugar in their …

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Product Review: Halô UV-ST Ultraviolet Vacuum

The Halô Ultraviolet Vacuum kills germs, bacteria and dust mites as well as vacuums and cleans for a cleaner healthier home. Ease of Use/Performance: 23/25 Convenience/Storage: 22/25 Appearance/Design: 24/25 How much I enjoy: 20/25 Total: 89/100 The Halô is a unique industry first ultraviolet vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner works well for vacuuming those carpets and rugs but where its …

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