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Maxfield’s All American Assorted Chocolates: Product Review

I received this product as a Christmas gift and loved it. Maxfield’s All American Assorted Chocolates was an item that I had seen in stores before but, had never tried. Here is my opinion on this candy. Maxfield’s All American Assorted Chocolates are made from premium ingredients. This company uses dairy fresh milk, vanilla, creamy butter and sugar in their …

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Homemade Candies

This recipe for homemade chocolate-covered strawberries is perfect to make for your spouse, partner or lover. The message of sensual delight and the sweet goodness of chocolate-covered strawberries is fitting for a lovely day. Ingredients 1 dozen ripe strawberries. Choose well formed berries with nice tops. 1 cup semi-sweet or milk chocolate chocolate chips 1 cup white chocolate chips Directions …

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