Funeral Jello to Live By

Years ago when the folks attended a family funeral service, one of the great-great aunts served up this jello treat. We have kept it in the family traditions since that time. Coined “the funeral jello,” this is a treat to die for; but it brings the blessings of good nutrition and adds to living.

Truly an enjoyable treat – this recipe is easy to make – and lasts a few days. Everyone who has ever tasted it, has requested a recipe and it is listed in both The White House family recipe book as well as the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) family recipe book; both were contributory – so it can be shared again here.


  • 1 large box of strawberry jello gelatin (you can use sugar-free jello for added caloric and fat reduction)
  • 1 large box of raspberry jello gelatin (you can use sugar-free jello for added caloric and fat reduction)
  • 1 12oz can of crushed pineapple (drain the juice)
  • 1 12oz frozen package of strawberries (you can supplement raspberries)
  • 3 bananas
  • 1 pint of low-fat sour creme
  • 4 cups of water


  • Measuring cup
  • Large metal or glass mixing bowl
  • Strainer
  • Potato masher or fork
  • Spatula or large spoon
  • Ladle (if you have one)


Step 1. Empty the two large boxes of jello into a deep (preferably metal or glass) mixing bowl.

Step 2. Boil 4 cups of water.

Step 3. Empty boiling water into the deep mixing bowl and stir the jello with hot water until it dissolves – this will take a few minutes – make certain it has all dissolved or you will have a thick gelatin to deal with that will ruin the recipe once chilled.

Step 4. Let the mixture cool for ten minutes.

Step 5. While cooling the jello mix – mash your three bananas with a potato masher or a fork if you don’t have one yet in your kitchen utensil supply drawer. The bananas should still have some character when you are done – don’t mash them too long.

Step 6. Once bananas are mashed, add the strawberries or raspberries to the banana mixture and fold them together.

Step 7. If you haven’t drained your pineapple – do so now – discard the liquid.

Step 8. Add the drained pineapple to your banana and strawberry mix, fold your pineapple in.

Step 9. Return to the cooled jello and fold in your fruit.

Step 10. Using a 13 x 9 x 3 inch deep dish glass or plastic container, pour in half of your jello and fruit mixture.

Step 11. Place the dish in the freezer or refrigerator (freezer for a quick chill, but you have to watch close – it takes perhaps 10 more minutes in the freezer) or in the refrigerator the mixture will set in approximately 20 minutes.

Step 12. Once the jello and fruit in your 13x9x3 inch deep dish has firmed up, open your non-fat sour creme and spread it on the refrigerated jello. Make certain to spread it evenly as possible without tearing into the jello. Use a spatula or a large spoon bottom if you don’t have a spatula available in your kitchen utensil supply drawer.

Step 13. After you have finished spreading the sour creme, add the last half of the jello and fruit mixture to the 13x9x3 deep dish chilled jello atop the sour creme. Ladle the remaining mixture onto the first half with over the sour creme layer. If you don’t have a ladle, pour in the last half gingerly, so that the mixture doesn’t crater in one location – if you pour slowly with back and forth motion – it will be fine.

Step 14. Place the completed dish back in the refrigerator for about an hour to ensure it has set up completely.

Step 15. After an hour – take a butter knife and slice your jello into 3×3 squares leaving it in the container. When serving use a spatula to scoop the squares out for serving to guests or yourself.

This recipe is flexible – if you want a great treat with hardly any calories or fat – then use the sugar-free jello, fat-free sour creme, low-fat frozen strawberries, low-fat crushed pineapple – or regular crushed pineapple well drained and rinsed off with water to remove the sugar stock. If you rinse the pineapple add an additional 5 minutes to ensure maximum drainage so that you don’t add water volume to your mixture when you fold in the pineapple.

Hopefully, you will enjoy this recipe for years to come – it is a true treat that everyone who does a taste test will be surprised at how good it is. The sour creme usually throws people off, but it really balances this jello specialty.

Any mixing items you don’t currently have are great value-adds to your kitchen utensil supply drawer.

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