4 Ways Working Moms Can Cut Household Work Into Half

No one said it would be easy for working moms to balance their work and family life altogether. But if you think you are spending most of your life in carrying out daily chores, stop and think! We have come up with few tips where you can avail time for yourself too. After all, it’s not about hard work, it’s about smart work plus you deserve it, working moms, more than anyone else!

A working mom roughly spends 4 hours of her day in dealing with household chores. Along with 8 to 10 hours of her office job. Plus kids are a full-time job. So how you can make your life easy? With few sensible tunes up in your daily routine, you can make the most of it.

Hire Help and lower your expectations

Don’t feel guilty of leaving your kids to someone else and not being there to listen to their school stories or daily adventures. Think of the bigger picture, the sacrifices you are making for them today would pay off tomorrow, but that doesn’t mean that your own life is less significant in any way. And you are there for dishwashing, mopping and to provide laundry service to your family and other unproductive stuff only. Hire cleaning services ballarat if you have to and make time for yourself, for your personal and emotional health. You are doing a great job already!

Don’t do what everybody is doing

Grocery shopping, an important household task, is usually done immediately after working hours. There you can experience heavy traffic on the road, packed parking lines of the store plus how can anybody forget the straining billing lines? So, don’t do what everybody is doing. Make a list and go shopping after dinner. Or choose the best option, order online, it will save you from all the unnecessary hassle.

Say Yes to less

Your kitchen and laundry are in your hands. Groom your family in a way that they would create little mess for you and be more accommodative. A t-shirt can be worn twice rather once, same is the case with your partner’s jeans. Or the kitchen sink could be less filthy and full every time you enter into the house. Remember, if you have two hours, household chores would take two hours, if you have six, it would take the whole six hours of your life. Plan and execute carefully!

Put your kids to work

This would not only increment their sense of responsibility, but it would also help them in accomplishing small tasks that can help them in the future. Go one step further and put rewards on tasks. This will help them do better in their jobs and create a healthy competition, again good for their adult life. So, assigning tasks to your kids can help you in daily chores plus it can elevate their commitment level. Win-Win for both! Don’t forget to use your husband’s services too. He could be really useful in providing laundry services and doing dishes.

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