5 Ways to Get More Storage Space in Your Kitchen

A cluttered and disorganized kitchen is never a pleasant sight. In a small kitchen, limited counter space and storage area can result in a messy, scattered look and weather it is to impress those guests or for your own self-satisfaction, your kitchen will never be truly functional unless you take the time to assess and calculate how you are storing everything.

Needless to say, your kitchen contains all kinds of items from delicate dinnerware and glassware to electric appliances, utensils and various cookware. Thus, to maximize every inch of space available to you and battle cramped corners in your kitchen, we have listed five easy ways that tap into innovative storage solutions and provide you with methods and design elements to create a more spacious, organized kitchen space if you’re getting kitchen makeovers sydney.

Use Cabinet Doors

Have you ever noticed the large amount of unused space inside your cabinet doors? By installing hooks to store pots, pans, lids and even bowls and measuring spoons, and sliding plastic racks for Tupperware, plates, plastic wrap and foil rolls, you would be making a noticeable difference. Utilizing this extra space for significantly larger containers will save you counter space and create a clean, pristine looking environment that will not fail to impress.

Install Hooks for Mugs

There is nothing more aesthetic than colourful, mismatched mugs hanging in a corner of your kitchen. Essential for morning coffee and daily tea, mugs take a large amount of space when set haphazardly on the counter or placed in a tray or stacked in a shelf. The perfect solution to this is installing hooks on the kitchen wall or under a shelf and hang your various mugs in a perfectly assembled line. Not only does this save a significant amount of space, it also makes them easily accessible, radiating a domestic, homey warmth that alleviates the mood.

Use Pot Racks

Cooking utensils undeniably occupy the largest amount of space. Pots and pans can be assembled correctly by taking advantage of vertical spaces around the kitchen and adding a pot rack to help store large utensils, which otherwise sit on the stove or take up unnecessary cabinet space. Pot racks can even be installed over the kitchen sink in case of low ceilings. Additionally, this method allows you to arrange your utensils according to size and purpose, saving space and creating a more organized setup.

Utilize Below Sink Area

It makes a world of a difference by utilizing the space below the sink area. Install plastic racks, or sliding drawers to keep napkins and cutlery, or even cleaning supplies! This way, your essentials are always within reach and the vast amount of space below the sink is used in an economic way. If you have relatively larger room, you could even store mops, sponges, cleaning liquids and dishwashing capsule packets or soap bottles for easy access. 

Install Magnetic Knife Rack

The average knife block seen in every other kitchen is bulky and counter hogging. It also lacks space for more than a few knives, which is both inconvenient and a waste of useful space. Installing a magnetic knife rack gives your kitchen a professional glow and also provides easy access. You could even install a vertical rack in case there is not enough wall space available.


When it comes to small kitchens and counter spaces, every square inch counts! It is essential to plan and calculate design elements, space arrangements and storage techniques to ensure a clean, pristine look and avoid unnecessary cluttering. A little bit of management goes a long way and by following these tips, you could build a kitchen fit for royals!

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