Decorate with Apples on a Holiday

By the time a holiday  rolls around, most of us could use a bit of color to contrast the bleakness of winter. The color red in the holiday decorations brightens up the home and also offers a mental lift. While decorating your home for the holiday this year, go a little outside the box and use several bunches of apples to add some fun and flair. Not only will your home look wonderfully festive for the holiday, the decorations will add some warm country feeling to your every day decor.

Hang an Apple Wreath on Your Front Door. An apple wreath is easy to make and lasts for several weeks. You can easily create this piece  and have it still be fresh and lovely for an occasion. Cut a length of floral wire into the shape of a heart. Use a sharp knife to cut slices of apples about one fourth of an inch thick. Dip the slices into a mixture of one part lemon juice to four parts water. Allow the apple slices to dry in the sun for two to three days.

Slide the slices onto the wire in bunches of four or five. Tie a length of red and white plaid ribbon into a bow in between the fruit. Twist the wire together at the top and cover the ends with larger fabric bow. Hang on a front door to greet your winter guests in style. My daughters and I make this wreath every year for Valentine’s Day and it is always a big hit. You can do it anytime you want.

Make a Table Centerpiece. Visit your local craft store to buy a bag or two of artificial crab apples. Layer moss inside a clay pot, allowing an inch or two to hang over the sides. Make an apple arrangement on the moss, piling them higher in the center than the sides. Use a hot glue gun to secure in place. Finish off the centerpiece by tying a red and white gingham ribbon around the base of the pot. Set on top of a white table runner over a red tablecloth to admire while enjoying Valentine’s Day dinner.

Make Your Own Holiday Place Settings. Hosting a holiday brunch or dinner? Red delicious apples make terrific place settings for a very small price. Select the biggest and boldest pieces of fruit from your bag. Tie a red ribbon around each stem. Cut out heart shapes from white card stock. Print the name of each guest on the heart shapes and then lean them up against the apples. Your guests will know where to sit for the festivities and can take the place setting home to enjoy a healthy snack.

Go Simple and Elegant. A heart shaped bowl or tray filled with the lush red fruit is perfect for dressing up a table, counter, shelf or mantel for a romantic holiday or occasion. An oblong tray can be filled with sand, clear stones or white beads before adding the apples for a little more splash. Not only does this holiday decoration make any space look a little more holiday ready, it encourages healthy snacking between meals. Keep a bag of extra fruit on hand to replenish as necessary.

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