Dollar Store: Decorating Your Home on a Budget

In today’s struggling economy, most of middle-class America is looking for ways to cut costs. During the budget-slashing process, funds for home decor are usually among the first to go. Here are a few simple tips on how to decorate tastefully without breaking the piggybank.

Thrift Store Finds

While you may cringe at the idea of buying previously owned shoes or far out-dated clothing, don’t let that aversion keep you from discovering some of the bargain shopper’s best-kept secrets. Thrift and Goodwill stores often carry everything from stemware to vinyl albums to window dressings and furniture. Combine a fantastic range of items with unbeatable prices and secondhand stores have suddenly become a veritable treasure trove of possibilities.


When shopping for home decor, consider creating your decorative pieces yourself. Take a stroll through your favorite store with a notepad and pen, and take notes on items that you can’t afford. Often you may find comparable components such as candlestick holders, vases, and frames elsewhere for much cheaper. Before you splurge on that one-of-a-kind floating candle display, entertain the idea of making a unique but similar piece yourself with a vase, a bag of decorative sand, and floating candles from your local Dollar Store. More often than not, the picture frame or vase that you can’t recreate yourself can be obtained for a far lower price online, too.

Look Beyond the Advertised Purpose

Learn to look at everything as a multi-use object. You might be amazed to discover what form a vase, candle holder, or picture frame may take. Try putting the cart before the horse, and see what happens. Pick out your flowers first, then browse for a creative vase. Select a candle without the restrictions on size or shape, and then play with different ideas for a holder. When a champagne flute becomes a classy vase, or a wooden clothespin decked out with ribbon holds your favorite picture, you’ll get it. And once you’ve got it, you’ve got it.

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