Maxfield’s All American Assorted Chocolates: Product Review

I received this product as a Christmas gift and loved it. Maxfield’s All American Assorted Chocolates was an item that I had seen in stores before but, had never tried. Here is my opinion on this candy.

Maxfield’s All American Assorted Chocolates are made from premium ingredients. This company uses dairy fresh milk, vanilla, creamy butter and sugar in their candy. They blend their ingredients the old fashioned way from traditional recipes. I received a box of twenty-two pieces of this candy, in eleven assorted flavors. I was very pleased with the number of pieces of candy that I got and the variety of flavors. The box of candy had butter caramels, butter rum, lemon cream, raspberry cream, strawberry cream, peanut clusters, coconut cream, maple cream and orange cream. There were dark chocolate and milk chocolate varieties of candy to chose from and I loved that fact! All of these flavors are in my list of favorites, so every piece of candy was a delight to experience. There were no unwanted flavors. I found all of the variety of flavors to be pleasing, tasty and enjoyable.

The candy with the fruit flavors had a fluffy quality and were light and delicious. The caramels were sweet but not too sweet and not hard, like many other brands of boxed candy that I have tried. I think that is what won me over most about this product. Maxfield’s assorted chocolates were softer than Whitman’s candy and the caramels in many other brands are always too hard or too chewy. Not so with this brand! Maxfield’s All American Assorted Chocolates impressed me with their fresh taste and soft texture. They were easy to chew and delightful! This candy really had a wonderfully fresh taste. The box stated that they used very fresh, premium whole ingredients and when I tried these chocolates, I was sold. The statement was true. These chocolates exceeded my expectations. That was fantastic.

I rate Maxfield’s All American Assorted Chocolates four out of five stars and found this product to be excellent in quality and flavor. I recommend them. My family all agreed that this product was a winner. These chocolates are very inexpensive. They do not taste like it, though and I felt extremely spoiled and surprised by all of the wonderful qualities that this brand had. This box of chocolates left me feeling pampered and I loved the box design, the picture of the product and the information that this company included on the packaging.

Maxfield’s All American Assorted Chocolates have a money back if not satisfied guarantee and state that they have been an American tradition since 1947. Maxfield Candy Company is located in Salt Lake City, Utah. They have a great web site if you are interested in learning more about this fine company.

Two pieces of this candy contains one hundred and forty calories and fifty of that is from fat. They have six grams of fat and zero cholesterol. I enjoyed them and feel that they are an excellent product. This item makes a wonderful gift for Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Birthdays, Mother’s Day or for almost any special occasion. They are a treat to give or receive. I was truly delighted with them.

These chocolates have great ingredients like sugar, milk, dark chocolate, coconut oil, peanuts, cream, egg whites, butter, raspberries and cocoa. For those with allergies, be aware that this product does contain soy, wheat, eggs, milk, peanuts and tree nuts. I loved this product and think that it makes a lovely gift to get or give. I enjoyed trying this candy. I will be looking for this product in the future. You can find Maxfield’s All American Assorted Chocolates at most places where you shop for candy.

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