Product Review: Halô UV-ST Ultraviolet Vacuum

The Halô Ultraviolet Vacuum kills germs, bacteria and dust mites as well as vacuums and cleans for a cleaner healthier home.

Ease of Use/Performance: 23/25
Convenience/Storage: 22/25
Appearance/Design: 24/25
How much I enjoy:


Total: 89/100

The Halô is a unique industry first ultraviolet vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner works well for vacuuming those carpets and rugs but where its unique design comes in handy is the killing of germs, pests and anything that lurks in your carpets that you don’t vacuum up.

The Halô ultraviolet vacuum has a UV-C light bulb that is commonly known to kill bacteria, mold, dust mites, germs and all kinds of other little nasty’s hiding in your home. The ultraviolet light in the C spectrum is used in many city sanitation systems and water purification to kill germs and bacteria in water and works equally well under a vacuum to kill any bugs hiding in your home.

The vacuum comes with plenty of safety features when working with the UV-C light, after all this is the same stuff doctors warn against getting too much of due to cancer hazards. The lights are safely under the head of the vacuum with a switch in the handle that operates the light; you also need to have the vacuum in the tilted back ready to vacuum position.

The motor has to be running for the UV light to come on as well as the head of the vacuum has to be on a level surface. I believe little mercury switches such as those used in old thermostats control this leveling requirement. You can actually shut off the bulbs momentarily just by moving the vacuum too fast in any direction as well as tilting it.

The safety features simply mean it is very tough for anyone to accidentally be in direct contact with the light bulbs underneath. You are also not supposed to look directly at the lights as they may cause vision problems so the safety features are a must with this device.

The safety features aside there is another feature on this beauty that I have not seen on other vacuums that I really like, you can shut off the beater brush and still vacuum. I have not seen a vacuum that you could actually turn the rotating bristle brush on and off when you are moving to hard floors and still vacuum. This feature is due to the beater brush being run by a separate motor that is attached by gears which also means no belts to replace ever.

The Halô vacuum works very well but is not an exceptional vacuum for the regular job of vacuuming your carpets and home. It comes with a pretty standard sized motor but the motor for the suction only runs that, a separate motor runs the beater brush. This allows more power going to the suction and an independent brush for a better overall vacuum.

The bagged HEPA filter system works well but is nothing you could not get in another less expensive vacuum. The cost ($399 approximately) may be an issue with the Halô UV-ST but who can put a price on the ultraviolet killing properties especially when your health is concerned. This vacuum would make a great addition to any allergy or health conscious person who needs the additional cleanliness it offers.

Day cares, hospitals, clinics and any other areas that health and safety standards need to be at their highest would definitely benefit from a good thorough cleaning and germ killing that the Halô offers. This great health benefitting vacuum is not your everyday ordinary vacuum with a new gimmick or just a better vacuuming system.

It kills the germs to provide a healthier environment as well as vacuuming the dust and particles with its 99.97% HEPA filtration bags. The Halô is a light weight and rugged vacuum with nice rubber bumpers along the edges and a well built solid design inside and out. The separate motors for the brush and suction mean less wear and tear for each separate function for a longer lasting product.

The Halô Vacuum comes with 13 foot extension hose and 31 foot cord, a crevice tool and duster tool, extra HEPA filter bags and the manual. The filter bags are the heavy duty cloth filtering to catch a lot of dust and debris that is very small. These are the great bags to use and the HEPA 99.97% trapping of particles means great filtering for a better, healthier environment.

Where the Halo literally shines is the germ and bacteria killing UV-C ultraviolet light that kills what is left behind to ensure an overall cleaner environment. Allergy sufferers, kids, any one with breathing difficulties and those that need a cleaner more germ free environment would do well with one of these in their homes.

The obvious advantages of killing all those bugs and germs in your carpet are not overshadowed by using the Halô on your mattresses as well. Just run the vacuum over the mattress when you change out the sheets for an even cleaner bedroom. You can even hit the couch and chairs equally as well but you may not get the entire area of couch cushions as the vacuum needs to be level.

The Halô has all the standard features of household vacuums like the height adjustment, extension hose and a couple of attachments but where you will really be impressed is all these features in a good quality vacuum along with the health benefits of the germ and bacteria killing of the UV bulb.

Of course to actually test and find out for certain if the Halô performs the germ killing you would need to perform lab culture tests and other tests to see if the UV-C bulbs actually killed the things they say it does. The Halô Company has continuously tested their vacuums several times and had independent tests performed, confirming their product capabilities. Two tests that I think are very relevant are one for dust mites and one for fleas, the one test showed that all dust mite eggs are killed after four seconds exposure to the UV bulb while a one second exposure killed 97%.

The other test confirmed that a four second exposure killed all lice in the test group and further testing resulted in a 100% death rate of flea eggs and 91% of flea larvae death exposed to one second of the Halô. These independent test results can be viewed in a PDF format at the Halô website.

I am very glad I was able to find this kind of independent lab tests that used verified scientific research and testing to conclude the Halô does in fact kill bugs and pests we have crawling around our home. The Halô vacuum does a great job of vacuuming up the dust and debris I have but it also kills the bugs left behind. In continued use the Halô would reduce the amount of germs, bacteria and pests in the carpet and other surfaces you can vacuum. This would be a great addition to an allergy sufferer as well as health care facilities and day cares.

It does a great job at not only vacuuming but in killing germs, bacteria and dust mites that may be present in your carpets. I highly recommend this Vacuum cleaner for a more pleasant environment anywhere.

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