Spring Cleaning Clutter-Free Solutions for Under $60

Are you tired of all that clutter build up on your coffee table? Your kitchen table? Or even your kitchen counter tops? Do you come home finding yourself overwhelmed of all that junk mail, and magazines, and paper clutter that you don’t even know where to begin? Here are some simple solutions to organizing your home.

Step 1: Buy a wall hanging mail sorter – $10

This is best kept near the phone. a lot of people like to put his near the front door for when they come home they can put the mail where it belongs and come back to them later for a more convenient time. Your mail organizer should have about 3 compartments. One for Bills, one for bills that have been paid off, and one for your personal mail. Or if you would like, you can put your coupons in. I would prefer keeping your mail organizer near the phone. Not only is it safer, but also for when you get that important phone call that requires you to look at a past bill statement, or personal mail you may have to find.

Step 2: Buy a Paper Shredder – $20

Not only will a paper shredder save you from clutter, It is also good for keeping you from identity theft. Once you get your mail, look threw and pick out all of those unwanted credit card offers and take them straight to the shredder. Shredding them the moment you got them saves you the trouble of having to do it later, which can also lead you to forgetting to shred them. It may take you up to 30 seconds to do this. So it should not be something inconvenient at the time.

Step 3: Buy a Magazine Holder – $5

This is perfect if you have magazine subscriptions or if you have a lot of magazines laying around. You can easily place this next to the sofa or by the t.v. stand where it is not in the way.

Stem 4: Buy a Multi slot hamper – $10

Buying a hamper that has about 3 compartments is a great investment. It is perfect for household that are always on the go. You can easily toss in your clothing instead of tossing them on the floor, where we tend to throw more and more on top of the pile creating a huge pile that is overwhelming to look at. Each slot can be used for different types of clothing, such as one for colors, one for white, and one for baby/children, or even for towels.

Step 5: Buy a multi tab file folder – $5

This is perfect for filing those paid bill stubs, and documents that you will need in the future. It saves you a lot of time then to go threw all of that pile of papers, and even missing the paper itself from trying to quickly find it. All in all this would be something very useful.

Step 6: Buy a round hamper baskets – $1- $3

If you have young children, such as babies and toddlers, I recommend buying round hamper baskets. I am sure you are asking why, well they are perfect for putting your children’s toys in. They are light weight, and your children cant get hurt from the edges like from boxes. The hampers are easy to pick up and you can store them anywhere until your child is ready to play with the toys again. I purchased mine from the dollar store and they work very well for me.

These are the simple things I use to keep myself more organized. You may have to invest some money, but it is very worth it.

Please note that prices vary to each one’s location.

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