What to Clean Bathroom Tiles With

Bathrooms collect a lot of dirt and bodily fluids that can become disgusting over time. A broad range of cleaning chemicals helps remove the filth. Commercial products pack a corrosive punch, but homeowners often prefer more environmentally friendly cleaners like citric acid and washing soda. More challenging bathroom filth like soap scum can require stronger cleaning solutions.

Commercial Cleaning

Commercial cleaning chemicals indicate on the label whether they are safe for use on bathroom tiles. However, you should dilute the commercial cleaning product, since these commercial products can discolor the grout that holds the tiles together. More abrasive cleaning materials can eat away at the bathroom tiles and can also break apart the grout holding the tiles together.

Citric Acid

Some bathroom tile cleaning chemicals use citric acid. Before applying the citric acid, remove all other debris from the bathroom floor using a broom and a mop. Citric acid kills bacteria and can remove rust. The citric acid produces a sulfuric smell that does not remain very long. Mix the citrus acid with hot water, creating an organic cleaning solution, then mop to clean the majority of the floor and scrub problem areas with a sponge while wearing rubber gloves. Afterward, the acid should rest on the tiles for a few minutes. Remove the acid with a mop and fresh water.

Washing Soda

Another alternative green product to use when cleaning the bathroom is washing soda, which is sodium carbonate decahydrate. This cleaning product removes grease and stains from tiles.


Those interested in environmentally friendly cleaning can create a cleaning solution using 1 cup vinegar and 1 gallon of water, according to the Earth Easy website. This polish will not only clean the tiles but give them a shine.

Oxygen Bleach

Oxygen bleach cleans the grout well. Mix oxygen bleach powder with warm water, then let the solution rest on the grout, where it lifts off stains. More debris will come off the grout if you scrub in more oxygen bleach solution using a toothbrush or similar tool. Do not use bleach on slate tiles; instead, use ammonia.


Those who have really bad soap scum will need borax to get the cement-like soap scum cleaned off. Borax is a boron compound usually sold as a powder. Borax is only toxic at high levels. To use borax, combine 1/4 borax, 1/4 water, 1/4 baking soda and 1/4 lemon oil into a solution. Borax is an acid that must sit on the soap scum for awhile before the borax removes the soap scum.

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